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The a cappella Masterclass (previously Workshop) has been initiated by the contest’s hosting vocal group amarcord in 2011. Amarcord themself took part in masterclasses with the King’s Singers and the Hilliard Ensemble. They know about the significance of extern input for a fruitful creative work. In the masterclass, the young singers participating in the a cappella Contest shall gather inspiration. During the masterclass, the vocal groups may work with Stephen Connolly on a piece of their repertoire. There is the chance not only to work with the experienced conductor, but also to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of other groups and watching them in the masterclass. Thus, the young singers may do the next step on their way in the masterclass. 


The masterclass is open to the public and gives the audience the chance to get to know the ensembles participating in the contest in a whole different way.


May 3, 2019
10:00 am-04:00 pm


Admission free!

Stephen Connolly


For many years, Stephen Connolly sang Bass and co-directed the international acclaimed vocal ensemble The King´s Singers. In 2008, he foundes the International A Cappella School which offers a series of international residential courses for singers.